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So for all those Skylanders fans out there – great news! Activision is giving kids not only a chance to celebrate the upcoming Toy Fair, but get their hands on a must-have complimentary and not yet released Skylanders Giants character, Ninijini!

In celebration of the upcoming Toy Fair in New York next month, ONTUESDAY, FEBRUARY 5THthe hottest kids property –Skylanders Giants– together with Toys ‘r’ Us is hosting an open-to-the-public family friendly event at their flagship Times Square location. Kids who attend will receive a complimentary and not yet released Skylanders Giants character, Ninijini, will have the chance to meet a few of their favorite Skylanders characters in person and play the game!

WHAT:         Months before the Skylanders Giants character, Ninjini, hits retail shelves, kids and their families are invited to The World’s Greatest Toy Store to be among the first in the world to get their hands on the must-have Skylanders Giants character, while supplies last. To celebrate the annual International Toy Fair taking place in New York City this month, Activision Publishing Inc. and Toys“R”Us are partnering to host a special event at Toys“R”Us Times Square, the company’s international flagship store. The first fans to line up along Broadway for the event will have an opportunity to receive a complimentary Ninjini figure before it is officially available for purchase in North America.

Ttake advantage of one-day exclusive, Toys“R”Us Times Square store offers: $25 off Skylanders Giants Starter Pack; “buy 2, get 1 free” Giant Skylanders figures until store closing.

Also at the event, kids will have the unique opportunity to meet their favorite Skylanders characters, experience the year’s most popular game at in-store game kiosks and receive other fun Skylanders Giants giveaways.


Tuesday, February 5

Activities and giveaways begin promptly 4pm

Toys“R”Us Times Square will be open during normal business hours (10am – 10pm)


1514 Broadway at 44th Street

New York, NY


Gaming kiosks, displays and stations

Fun activities, games, giveaways and more!

Skylanders Giants Checklist

Work in Progress:

Giant: Tree Tex
Giant: Tree Tex (Gnarly)
Giant: Bouncer
Giant: Legenday Bouncer (TRU)
Giant: Crusher
Giant: Crusher Granite (Target)
Giant: Swarm
Giant: Hot Head
Giant: Thumpback
Giant: Ninjini
Giant: Eye Brawl

New Skylander: Shroom Boom (Life)
New Skylander: Jetvac (Air)
New Skylander: Jetvac (Air)(Legendary)
New Skylander: Chill (Water) Blue Lips
New Skylander: Chill (Water) Red Lips
New Skylander: Pop Fizz (Magic)
New Skylander: Pop Fizz (Red – DS)
New Skylander: Fright Rider (Undead)
New Skylander: Fright Rider (UK Glow in Dark)
New Skylander: Hotdog (Fire)
New Skylander: Sprocket (Tech)
New Skylander: Sprocket (Tech) White Pearl Metal Flake
New Skylander: Flashwing (Earth)

Light Core: Eruptor
Light Core: Prism Break
Light Core: Drobot
Light Core: Hex
Light Core: Shroom Boom
Light Core: Jetvac
Light Core: Chill
Light Core: Pop Fizz

Old Skylanders – New Poses:

Prism Break 2
Prism Break 2 (Employee White Snow Flocked)
Chop Chop 2
Chop Chop 2 (Legendary)
Whirlwind 2
Double Trouble 2
Stump Smash 2
Ignitor 2
Ignitor 2 (Legendary)
Trigger Happy 2
Sonic Boom 2
Sonic Boon 2 (GID Wal-Mart) Sonic Boon 2 (White/Grey Glitter)
Gill Grunt 2
Slam Bam 2
Slam Bam 2 (Legendary)
Bash 2
Drill Sergeant 2
Hex 2
Zook 2
Terrafin 2
Cynder 2
Cynder 2 (GID Wal-Mart 360)
Drobot 2
Eruptor 2
Spyro 2
Flameslinger 2
Flameslinger 2 (Legendary)
Flameslinger 2 (Amazon Bronze)
Lightning Rod 2
Stealth Elf 2
Wrecking Ball 2 Whirlwind 2 (Stone) Whirlwind 2 (Stone)
Zap 2

Dragonfire Cannon
Golden Dragonfire Cannon (Game Stop)