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Review: ‘Skylanders Swap Force’ action figures

On October 13, 2013, Skylanders: Swap Force was released in North America for Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U & Xbox 360. On October 16, 2013, it was released in Australia, and today 10/18/2013, it will be released across Europe. Later in November, it will be out for PlayStation and Xbox One. Swap Force is the third version of this video game/toy hybrid, which has been an huge success for Activision, who has published all three versions. For this review, the focus will be on the toys in this new version vs. the gameplay to keep the focus on the action figures.

For this version, there are sixteen new core characters, sixteen new swappable characters and sixteen re-hashed Skylanders from previous games, as well as, five brand new “Dark figures” and eight new “Lightcore figures”/ This brings the total figure count for this version to 61 figures. For completest collectors, who need to have them all, you better start working some overtime! The list of new figures (via is below:

Dark Figures

Dark Wash Buckler (Water – Climb)
Dark Blast Zone (Fire – Rocket)
Dark Slobber Tooth (Earth)
Dark Ninja Stealth Elf (Life)
Dark Mega Ram Spyro (Magic)


Wham-Shell (Water)
Smolderdash (Fire)
Bumble Blast (Life)
Flashwing (Earth)
Countdown (Tech)
Warnado (Air)
Grim Creeper (Undead)
Star Strike (Magic)


Roller Brawl (Undead)
Grim Creeper (Undead)
Scorp (Earth)
Slobber Tooth (Earth)
Star Strike (Magic)
Dune Bug (Magic)
Bumble Blast (Life)
Zoo Lou (Life)
Fryno (Fire)
Smolderdash (Fire)
Wind Up (Tech)
Countdown (Tech)
Punk Shock (Water)
Rip Tide (Water)
Scratch (Air)
Pop Thorn (Air)


Wash Buckler (Water – Climb)
Freeze Blade (Water – Speed)
Magna Charge (Tech – Speed)
Spy Rise (Tech – Climb)
Free Ranger (Air – Spin)
Boom Jet (Air – Rocket)
Blast Zone (Fire – Rocket)
Fire Kraken (Fire – Bounce)
Rattle Shake (Undead – Bounce)
Night Shift (Undead – Teleport)
Hoot Loop (Magic – Teleport)
Trap Shadow (Magic – Sneak)
Stink Bomb (Life – Sneak)
Grilla Drilla (Life – Dig)
Rubble Rouser (Earth – Dig)
Doom Stone (Earth – Spin)

There is a new slimmer portal for this version, because of the new “swapping” ability, previous portals will not work with the new game. The good news is that all of the figures from the previous games will work in Swap Force and will also have the ability to jump in the new version. The new portal works the same as previous one. You just place your figure on the top and the lights will flash, activate and interact with the video game. It connects via a USB port on your game system.

What makes these figures unique to this game is the that the player can create their own “top and bottom”, to make a custom and unique action figure and then play with that real life action figure on the screen in the game. If you purchase all 16 new Swappable figures, you would have the ability to make 256 combinations mixing all tops and bottoms.

The tops and bottoms are connected by two small very strong magnets that won’t easily pop off while playing with them, but that children can still easily change. The quality remains excellent with these new figures (as it was in the past). When I met with the Activision this past February to discuss the line, they were very clear they put just as much effort into producing a top quality toy, as they do a videogame and having the final production figures in hand, I can confirm they have kept that word. Meticulous paint applications, vibrant colors and top construction are all visible in each figure.

Skylanders figures have become one of the hottest toys in the world over the last 3 years. According to, at the end of 2012, the Skylanders franchise has sold more than $500 million dollars in retail sales in the U.S and when reports come out next month, it is rumored to have now passed the 1 billion dollar mark in the U.S alone.

Swap Force is slated to be one of the hottest toys and game this holiday season and is a must buy for fans and collectors of the line. You can pick up the figures and games at most major retailers or save the gas and order them right now and have them shipped right to your door for free when you spend $25 or this link on

Check out some brand new images below of some of the new figures!
















Via Activision:

Santa Monica, CA – Oct. 13, 2013 –Portal Masters can now wield the power of choice as they defend the Cloudbreak Islands and battle the evil Kaos (and his mom) when the magic of Skylanders SWAP Force™ hits store shelves nationwide today. Available now for Nintendo Wii™, Nintendo Wii U™, Nintendo 3DS™, the Xbox 360 games and entertainment system and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system as well as day-and-date for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One, Skylanders SWAP Force introduces an all new innovative play pattern – swapability – that lets players freely interchange the top and bottom halves of 16 special characters by mixing and matching their powers and moves into more than 250 unique character combinations*, that are brought to life in the game.

The third installment in the popular franchise from Activision Publishing Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATVI), Skylanders SWAP Force is already positioned to be one of the must-have games this holiday having been named to the 2013 Toys“R”Us® “Fabulous 15” on the company’s Holiday Toy List as well as’s Most Wanted List and Toy Insider’s Hot 20 Holiday Toys of 2013 List.

“Skylanders is a brand built on one thing: magic. With each and every Skylanders title, we want to deliver new, delightful innovations to our young fans that continue to blur the lines between physical and digital play,” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing. “With Skylanders SWAP Force, we’ve taken this genre to a whole new level by giving players the greatest power of all: choice. In a franchise known for breakthrough innovation, I have no doubt that SWAP Force is our most innovative Skylanders game yet. And we’re thrilled to share it with fans of all ages all over the world today.”

Building on the franchise’s signature gameplay and collectible toy experience, Skylanders SWAP Force pushes the boundaries of innovation and imagination with an all new play pattern – swapability – that gives kids more choice than ever before over how their SWAP ForceTM characters fight and move. Set in a richly detailed next-generation world, the game takes kids on an all-new adventure with 40 new collectible characters each with unique powers and personalities — 16 new SWAP ForceTM characters, 16 core Skylanders characters and eight new LightCore™ characters. Additionally, fans can play Skylanders SWAP Force with their entire collection of 100+ characters from Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure® and Skylanders GiantsTM.

Skylanders SWAP Force features a new next generation graphics engine** that brings the game’s detailed characters and rich environments to life like never before. The game also features new abilities – such as flying, climbing, and teleporting – which can be used throughout Skylands. Friends and family can join the fun with drop-in/drop-out cooperative play as well as experience action-packed gameplay in various Battle and Survival Modes that feature all new arenas.

Additionally, players can embark on an all new unique Skylanders SWAP Force adventure on the Nintendo 3DS that features game levels and story that are unique to this platform. The 3DS version also includes three new characters – Rattle Shake, Volcanic Eruptor, and Free Ranger – which are not found in any other Skylanders Starter Pack. All characters introduced in Skylanders SWAP Force will also be playable on Skylanders Lost IslandsTM and Skylanders BattlegroundsTM mobile games, both of which are available on iOS on October 13 and on Android on November 1.

You can order it right now at this link